Reducing waste and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development within the resource industry is paramount for meeting our global objectives for climate change. At Ox Mountain, we believe that IronMan® can be part of the solution for improving sustainable development within industry, through helping businesses in capital intensive industries reduce waste, for example in Oil and Gas, Freight Rail and Mining.

Diversity at Ox Mountain

Meet Dana and Nalita, two female Ox Mountain engineers, who discuss their experience and views on gender and diversity in engineering.

Data quality issues, and how to solve them

Data quality is a common reason for preventing reliability engineers from developing optimal maintenance strategies, efficiently undertaking root cause analysis (RCA) and generally extracting value from their data.

A day in the life of a project engineer

David Goyder, Head of Engineering at OXMT, provides an insight into the daily life of a project engineer.

What learnings from F1® and aerospace can be applied to resources?

F1® and aerospace are two fields that are often compared to each other, less so with the resources sector – but are the similarities greater than the differences?

The invisible factors holding back your maintenance strategies

Assets in capital intensive industries are challenging to operate and even more so to maintain.

Priorities for a reliability engineer

Heavy-duty engineering assets can be composed of thousands of parts, each with their own replacement and repair history which needs to be maintained in order to prevent failures and minimise downtime.

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