We optimise maintenance processes in capital intensive industries.

IronMan® software deals with variable data quality to quickly extract value

US Patent Application No. 17/165,045

Our vision

From our experience in Formula 1®, aerospace and the resources sector, we've learnt that high-performing, reliable and efficient equipment depends on great reliability engineering + strong work management processes. Both of these depend on data. But we also know that data is rarely in the form it needs to be. That's why we've developed IronMan®, an automated ETL and insights tool, that uses whatever data is available and turns it into the data that reliability engineers, planners and maintainers need.


We created IronMan® for people who typically extract maintenance data from SAP® or other Maintenance Management Systems and then prepare it for a range of tasks: root cause analysis, FMEA, lifetime cost analysis, warranty claims, planning and scheduling. People who use IronMan® get the data they need at their fingertips, up-to-date and ready to use.

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