A day in the life of a project engineer

September 8, 2021

Project engineering at OXMT is wide ranging, from data analytics to domain expertise; from client delivery to guiding the product management of the IronMan® software. Unlike other roles, this team is right at the front-line of client relationships.

David Goyder is the Head of Engineering at OXMT, and he gives us some insight into the daily life of a project engineer.


Broadly speaking, the project engineering team are the conduit for the product side of our business – external and internal. The number one priority for us is our client requirements, and our main activities include:

·     Data analytics for our clients, providing insights

·     Presentations to key people and new clients around the world – both face-to-face and online

·     Facilitating IronMan® webinars and training for clients

·     Managing technical queries and prioritising them

·     Understanding clients’ data requirements, distilling this information for the software developers to help prioritise the product roadmap, aiding the discussion of features and additional client requirements

·     Ensuring data flows are set up and automated directly into IronMan’s® ETL process

·     Prototyping new concepts and functionality, firmly focused on automation

·     Researching data from around the world, including in different languages, to feed into the service we give our clients


We’re always focussed on delivery to our clients – and we know our role is through value creation with the IronMan® software. We do this through automated quality assurance, together with our domain expertise.


Data analytics and engineering is what we do every day. IronMan® is automatically processing over 10 million work orders and notifications a week – this is a lot of data!


In this role, great communication is vital across a range of stakeholders. We liaise daily with our team, in Australia and the UK. We keep a clear communication channel with the leadership and board of OXMT, and with our clients. A ‘client’ can mean project managers, reliability engineers, maintenance superintendents, site engineers and technicians, or of course the tech teams. To ensure that communication is effective, we must have sound knowledge of all areas of the business.


Being a key part of a small team means you have direct access to board members and executive management with decades of experience in engineering, strategy and management. Decisions are made quickly and collaboratively. Without this access, this wouldn’t be possible.


I love the variation in the job. For example, in the morning I may be looking at haul truck turbos and suspension struts in Brazil, in the afternoon I could be working on a locomotive fuel injection system in Australia, and by the evening I may be presenting to a gold mining company in Central Asia!


If I reflect on OXMT and the journey of IronMan®, the most satisfying moments are when we deliver more than the clients’ expectation – either because we understood the engineering domain well, or due to our responsiveness and agility.

Contact us if you would like to know more about the daily tasks a project engineer undertakes.

Cover Photo by Fadzai Saungweme on Unsplash

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