Reducing waste and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

July 26, 2021

Sustainable development within the resource industry is paramount for meeting global objectives for climate change. At Ox Mountain, our IronMan® software is already part of the solution for industry, helping businesses in capital intensive industries to reduce waste.

The better an asset is maintained, the more efficient it will be – with a longer life span and less wasted life. IronMan® - an automated machine maintenance software - leads to better insights for maintenance strategy optimisation and a reduction in waste. IronMan® represents the forefront of a technological advance in automation, a pillar of the global campaign for sustainable development.

“Innovation and technological progress are key to finding lasting solutions to both economic and environmental challenges, such as increased resource and energy-efficiency” (UN)

How is waste reduced using IronMan®?

IronMan® gives our clients the insights they need to ensure their equipment is maintained efficiently and effectively. This is done through the creation of actionable intelligence from client data, and is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Sub-Goal 8.2 that states industry must:

“Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation, including through a focus on high-value added and labour-intensive sectors” (UN)

Once loaded into IronMan®, data is easy to understand and analyse. This enables reliability engineers to focus quickly on the right parts, driving efficiency improvements and value.

IronMan® has many capabilities that allow companies to achieve the 12th UN Sustainable Development Goal, ‘Sustainable consumption and production’ Including subgoals 12.5 & 12.6 regarding waste reduction and sustainable practises respectively.

Replacement history data

Reducing waste begins with part replacement history. This is helpful for root cause analysis of failures, as reliability patterns can be detected. For example, within IronMan® you can quickly see if multi-position components like turbos or fuel injectors are failing more often in one position than another. Knowing the true failure profile of your machinery avoids wasting time, effort and parts.

Upcoming work orders & schedules

Following a failure, the maintenance plan for that component should be reset. This can be difficult to track, often resulting in work that is unnecessary. This leads to a huge waste of part life, unnecessary labour and possible safety issues. Clients typically see a reduction in waste of over 30% straight away by using this functionality in IronMan®.


Intelligent task lists

IronMan® provides the functionality to optimise master data, by identifying parts that should not be ordered when they are not needed, and the opposite (i.e. parts required for work are ordered correctly). This minimises waste by reducing labour in the supply function, and reducing over ordered parts and the resulting unnecessary emissions during manufacturing processes.


Warranty tracking

Evaluating warranty life involves a significant amount of labour – but not with IronMan®. Potential claims are highlighted for investigation, driving waste reduction. Of course, there is a financial benefit as well an additional insight to parts that are not performing.



Automated Weibull analysis identifies the failure mechanism which then allows an engineer to assess whether their maintenance strategy is optimal. Running assets to failure will cause part failures, increase waste, and can create latent safety issues.

Similarly, if assets are serviced too early then this also wastes part life. Optimal maintenance strategies will have a balance between the two scenarios. More sustainable consumption positively impacts emissions, in line with the 13th UN Sustainable Development goal on ‘Climate action’.



By automating the data ETL and analytics (something that normally consumes 80% project time), IronMan® allows engineers to improve the sustainability of maintenance strategies and reduce waste, contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals 7, 8, 12, and 13.

For industry to thrive for years to come, doing “more and better with less”, in line with the 12th UN Sustainable Development Goal, is critical. If you would like more information on how IronMan® could help your business reduce waste, Contact OXMT now.

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