What do our clients say about IronMan®?

“Numerous data types and sources can be used to improve mobile asset performance. Unfortunately, many of these sources remain poorly utilized. A refreshing exception to this is IronMan®. I was impressed by the intelligent use of existing CMMS data to generate useful insights that far exceeded those derived from our legacy software” – Maintenance Engineering, mining

“Previously it would take me months to collect data to analyse just one part, but now with IronMan® it’s all there in front of me” – Maintenance planning, rail

“We used to have huge teams of consultants that would take months to analyse and improve maintenance strategies, and we’d repeat that every 3 or 4 years. With IronMan® it all changed, because we can monitor our strategies all the time” – Senior exec, mining

“Let me just say, there is no one doing what IronMan® is doing with regards to automation of extraction of part life” – Head of Improvement, mining